Team Building for rewarding results


In AEROSPACE, tasked to highlight key elements of DEXTRE the two-armed robot for the international space station, members of Yureka-Marketing collaboratively worked with the Canadian Space Agency and MDA professionals to develop key print and electronic materials used for technical media briefings.


“The highly visual and simplified technical fact sheets helped us tell our story clearly and quickly. Perfect for the media!”


A key member of Yureka-Marketing was approached as the comet-detecting Near-Earth Object Surveillance Satellite (NEOSSat) program was seeking more visibility by its many involved parties. A communications plan was devised to attract media attention with a bang. The blaze began with the 100th anniversary of Tunguska (a fireball that thundered across Russian skies). Then interests in asteroids and the impact crater in Mexico’s Yucatan were reignited, all in order to stimulate more focus on the NEOSSat satellite and comet-detecting program for CSA , DRDC and Microsat Systems Canada partners.


“The media event for NEOSSat staged at the Astrophysics Observatory, drew excellent media attention. It gave us the boost we sought to get
to our next phase.”



In HEALTHCARE, a driving force of Yureka-Marketing met the challenge of understanding client requirements and medical concerns regarding a diabetic product and provided highly original speed limit signs of minimum and maximum levels of sugar. The approach delivered superior compliance and sales results as both medical professionals and patients appreciated the speed limit analogy.


“It was a stroke of genius when the speed limit concept of sugar levels emerged from our brainstorming session!”


Tasked to develop a convincing Powerpoint presentation, based on gathered market analyses and forecasts of monoclonal antibody markets, a member of Yureka-Marketing delivered results in more ways than one. Animated graphs offered telling visuals that helped SGF-Santé partner with DSM Biologics for a major investment in Montreal for the production of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs).


“The slides were so easy to understand, showing great clarity and understanding of a rather complex field of therapeutics.  The graph that showed the current and forecasted supply and demand of mAbs worldwide was most convincing of needs for production. It helped us convince partner investors.”



In EDUCATION, the challenge at Global Affairs Canada is to ensure superior attraction and engagement of potential international students that are looking beyond their own nation’s borders for an excellent world-recognized education.  Yureka-Marketing members have been pivotal to producing print and electronic materials adapted in close collaboration with many Trade Commissioners located in Canadian embassies, offices or consulates throughout the world.


“Together, we have produced some really dynamic and attractive pieces, which have helped us increase the number of international students coming to Canada.”


Watch the EduCanada: New International Education in Canada Brand video here.



Le Tour de France is performance at its best. National teams of about 9 cycle competitively for 21 day-long routes, including through mountain passages in the Pyrenees and Alps. An incredible 3,500 km journey. An impressive human accomplishment, always with the help of several team members!


You can count on the Yureka-Marketing team for results! Here are some:




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