Brainstorming sessions
to find original and rewarding solutions together

Mind expanding moments…

just as Archimedes found a buoyant solution to a king’s questioning of a crown’s gold purity, upon descending and displacing water in his bath, we welcome Yureka moments and fine brainstormings, albeit fully clothed.


Did you know that Archimedes also focused solar rays to burn a hole in enemy lines!  Imagine becoming as creative as Leonardo da Vinci or Jules Vernes, yet as successful as Steve Jobs or Elon Musk?


Yureka-Marketing expert facilitators, insight-gainers and creative minds will help you bring your business ideas, products, services and programs to their most marketable momentum! Much like the original Ghostbusters, we seek challenges to use our energy-packs of ideas for maximum impact of your business!


Yureka-Marketing minds offer to:


  • facilitate brainstorming sessions to:
  • map your market position
  • determine you SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)
  • conduct market research
  • produce market reports with marketing opportunities
  • synthesize market intelligence
  • create marketing and communication plans, including social media strategies
  • layout highly visual Infographics that highlight your competitive advantages
  • produce attractive print or electronic materials, including short videos

    Plongez dans des moments marketing Yureka!         Curieux? Appelez-nous:  613-668-8818

Immerse yourself in Yureka marketing moments!    Curious? Call us: 613-668-8818